Franck Notari
Geneva, Switzerland

In 1996, Franck Notari established his independent gemological laboratory, GemTechLab, in Geneva, Switzerland. GemTechLab has since merged with Dr. Thomas Hainschwang's Liechtenstein-based GemLab to form GGTL Laboratories, which recently patented their new DFI system for the detection of synthetic CVD and HTHP diamonds.  Prior to founding GemTechLab, Franck Notari was Research Manager and Laboratory Manager at GIA for two years, as well as spending over a decade lecturing in laboratory-based treatment and synthetic detection at the University of Nantes - the institution where he himself earnt his gemological diploma in 1996.

Often in collaboration with his business partner and close friend Dr. Thomas Hainschwang and the University of Nantes, Franck Notari has contributed numerous papers and presentations on diamonds, corundum and emeralds.