Sasitorn Dehiwala (Thailand)

Course :  Accredited Gemologist (A.G.)

Khun Sasitorn Dehiwala Liyanage (Omm) is a Thai gems business owner, Padparadscha Gems company , selling loose gemstones and specializing in sapphires and spinels.There has a small lapidary in her office as well.

She initially had a career in the airline industry and owned a spa business before her mother, a gem collector and AIGS alumni, inspired her to explore the world of gemstones.

Omm had reservations at the beginning hearing about the potential difficulties in the gems and jewelry industry and length of time needed to learn gemology. Two years later, she realized in fact that with a good gemological foundation and with hard work, one can start and succeed in the gemstone business relatively quickly.

Recognizing AIGS is one of the most reputable institutes for colored stones and following her mother’s suggestion, she joined the AIGS Accredited Gemologist program in 2019. Omm adds that the school''s location in the Jewelry Trade Center (JTC) was a great benefit that allowed her to gain practical knowledge and interact with people in the industry.

“What I learned is immensely useful for me”, she remarks as she applies what she learned in her current business by sharing gemological knowledge to her customers and anyone with an interest. After graduating from AIGS, she also feels she is able to identify and trade gemstones with more confidence.

“To continually seek knowledge” is her advice for those interested in the industry; she believes that keeping up to date about the gems markets is important and there is a wealth of information available. She adds, “Good knowledge allows one to make the right purchases which means the right investments.”