AIGS Professional TourGem Buying Tour of Mogok

The AIGS Gem Buying Tour provides a rare opportunity for those in the trade to visit Mogok's legendary ruby, sapphire and spinel deposits in the company of our world-renowned gemologists. As a result, participants will receive invaluable insights into the region's history, traditions, mining practices and current supply situation.

In addition, you will also be accompanied to the nearby markets by experienced gem merchants, who will provide expert advice with regards to selecting the highest-quality "close to the source" rough and/or cut gemstones, as well as guidance in the art of negotiating a fair price.

The aim of this trip is to provide participants with unrivaled access to both the Mogok gem deposits and the material they produce, thus providing invaluable first-hand evidence regarding the current mining and commercial conditions at the world's most famous gem-producing locality.


Mogok Field Trip - Feb 2014  Mogok Field Trip - Feb 2014  

Terms and Conditions

  • Your touring party must include a minimum of four participants, with each member paying US$3,500. Included within this fee will be mine access, local driven transportation, accommodation, food, insurance and, in the rare event that it should be required, emergency evacuation.
  • Please note that the fee does not include transportation fees to the initial meeting point at Mandalay Airport. In addition, it is each participant's own responsibility to organise and pay for their entry visa into Myanmar, should one be required.
  • In order to finalize a place on the tour, a down-payment of US$2,000 per person will be required thirty days in advance of the desired starting date. This allows sufficient time for AIGS to make the necessary arrangements in Mogok, as well as securing the time and services of our accomanying experts.
  • However, in very rare instances, AIGS reserves the right to make scheduling changes in the light of any unforeseen political or environmental issues that may endanger the safety of participants and AIGS staff.