What Will I Learn?

  How to grade rubies and sapphires.
  How the gem market works.


Designed with a view to introducing students to ruby and sapphire grading, this course provides access to approximately three hundred corundum samples with a wide range of source localities, internal features and qualities.



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    Post by loislilian at 12 Aug, 2014 17:55:26  
    Nice to see this.I am here for business and just saw this and will like to apply in december.I will like to know if your lab can treat my stones
    Post by Gerry Cohen at 4 Jul, 2014 12:32:37  
    I would like to take course. Is course taught in English. I need to register at the last minute because I may be out of the country. If there is an opening do you allow last minute registration.
    Reply by Anna at 4 Jul, 2014 13:25:48
    Hi Gerry Thank you for your message. Sorry, we do not accept registration at the last minute. Registration and payment must be made 2 - 3 weeks prior to the course starting date.