What Will I Learn?

  Features of freshwater, South Sea, Tahitian and Akoya pearls.
  How to maintain this organic gem.
  How to identify pearl simulants and treatments.

Not only will this course allow students to differentiate between freshwater, South Sea and cultured pearls, but the class also provides important tips for maintaining these often fragile and vulnerable organic gems.


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Post by KY PARK at 9 Apr, 2014 17:00:20  
May I ask something? I want to know this course taught in thai or in english? I am interested in 3 courses. A pearl course (EWS06),Basic Ruby & Sapphire Grading & Pricing (EWS04)and Jewelry Computer Aided Design (E502). Thank you.
Reply by AIGS Registrar at 9 Apr, 2014 18:02:13
Thank you for your message. Yes, all of the course are taught both in English and Thai. Please see more information about the course schedule from this link: http://www.aigsthailand.com/Study-Gem-aigs.aspx Should you have any further queries, please feel free to let us know. Respectfully yours