What Will I Learn?

  Gem identification procedures.
  Proper instrument uses and techniques.
  How to identify and/or separate a minimum of 300 gemstones.
  The properties and attributes of a variety of gem materials.
  How to connect this knowledge with the real-gem world & jewelry industry.
  How to identify simulants, as well as synthetic and treated materials.
  How to grade a gemstone for Color, Carat, Clarity, Cut.
  Understand the synthetic processes.
  What to do in a gem market.
  Understand how gemstones are priced.
  How to price a colorless diamond.


Our correspondence program will enable students to study anytime, anywhere 24 hours wherever they are.
1. Students enroll in the course and make payment.
2. Students will receive a username and password to log in on the Thinkific platform.
3. Students can study and do the quizzes and exam on Thinkific.
4. Students must complete this course within 6 months from the start date.
5. Students must complete the theory exam online prior to attending practical lab on campus at AIGS Bangkok.
6. Students will receive an e-diploma after successful completion of the course.