What Will I Learn?

  The theoretical and practical use of the 4C’s of diamond: Color, Carat, Clarity, Cut.
  To identify the diamond simulants .
  How to understand diamond pricing.

Offering access to hundreds of diamonds in a wide variety of grades, sizes, cuts and levels of clarity, the AIGS Diamond Grading and Pricing course provides students with the skills required to judge cut, color, clarity and carat - otherwise known as the “Four C’s” of diamond grading - and learn how these factors affect the stone’s overall value.


In addition to this, students will learn how to identify the various diamond simulants, synthetics and enhancements that are commonly encountered in the marketplace.

Careers:Sorting & Wholesale , Appraisal & Valuation , Marketing & Communication , Retail, Sales Associate , Manufacturing & Design, Luxury Goods, Dealership, Diamond Buyer, Diamond Sorter/Grader, Jewelry Business Owner, Jewelry Buyer, Pawnbroker

Leads to: "Diamond Grading and Pricing" certification of completion

Duration:4 Weeks (Bangkok) 60 Hours(Theory and Practical)

Pre- requisites:No experience required , Minimum 16 years of age

Recommended for:Diamond Traders, Diamond Experts, Diamond Buyers, Appraisers , Graders, Jewelers , Diamond Lovers, Retailers

Max. number of students: 15

You will learn:

  • Basic physical and chemical properties of diamond
  • The theoretical and practical grading based on the 4C's: Color, Carat, Clarity, Cut
  • How to identify diamond simulants
  • Introduction to lab grown diamonds and color treatments
  • How to understand diamond pricing

Gemstones available for testing: 150

Time Table :;Theory & Practical: 9:00 - 12:00  (Mon - Fri) *Please note: Lunch will not be provided

Exams Theory:80 multiple choice questions with short answers Practical: Evaluate and grade 3 diamonds

Language:English(Applicants enrolling in AIGS courses are required to have good English communication or IELT test at least 5.5 score.)

Price: USD 2,000

Instrument for student: Course book (syllabus), Loupe and Tweezers

*Diamond Grading and Pricing Diploma*