What Will I Learn?

  How to grade a colored stone: Color, Carat, Clarity, Cut.
  The fundamentals about the most popular colored gemstones.
  How the gem market works.
  How to price a gemstone.


Remark : Intensive Colored Stone Grading and Pricing (2 week)

This course provides students with a grounding in the assessment of color, clarity and cut for a large number of colored gemstones, emphasizing how such factors affect their values in an ever changing marketplace. The opportunity for extensive practice is provided through AIGS’s vast sample collection, which includes a wide-range of gem varieties and qualities.


A two-day Chanthaburi field trip is included within this course, during which students get the opportunity to see the town’s famous gemstone market, as well as its large number of cutting and enhancement facilities.

Careers: Sorting & Wholesale , Appraisal & Valuation , Marketing & Communication , Retail, Sales Associate , Cutting/ Lapidary, Education , Manufacturing & Design, Luxury Goods, Colored Stone Buyer, Dealership, Estate Jewelry Dealer, Jewelry Business Owner, Jewelry Buyer, Pawnbroker

Leads to: Synthetic and Treated Gem Identification, Gem Identification, Pricing, Diamond Grading and Pricing

Duration: 2 weeks (Theory and Practical)

Pre - requisites: Basic gemological qualification recommended.

Recommended for: Gemstone Traders , Gemstone Experts, Gemstone Buyers,Appraisers ,Graders , Gemstone Lovers, Retailers


You will learn:

  • How to grade colored stone based on Color, Carat, Clarity, Cut
  • The fundamentals on most popular colored gemstones
  • How the gem market work
  • How to grade & price a gemstone

Gemstones available for testing: 1,500

Time Table: Theory & Practical: 09:00 - 16:00 (Mon - Fri) Lunch Break: 12:00 - 13:00 * Please note: Lunch will not be provided by AIGS

Exams Theory: 100 multiple choice questions with short answers Practical: Grade 5 gemstones

Language: English (Applicants enrolling in AIGS courses are required to have good English communication)

Price: USD 2,500


*Colored Stone Grading and Pricing Diploma*


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Assessment, the level of quality, precious stones, jewelry industry, study colored stone.

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