What Will I Learn?

  Techniques on how to quickly sketch a jewel.
  Pencil-based sketching skills.

Next Tentative Course Date : 20-24 Jun 2022

Being able to make sketches quickly is a great skill to have when buying loose gemstones in the marketplace, as it allows you to visualize what the end product may look like before making a potentially expensive purchase. This 5-day course provides a basic foundation in fast, pencil-based sketching skills and is aimed at beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

Careers: Art History, Antiques (estate jewelry), Design & Manufacture , Retail, Industry

Duration: 5 Days (Bangkok)

Pre - requisites: No experience required, Minimum 16 years of age

Recommended for: Designers, Gemstone and Jewelry Lovers, Sales Managers, Retailers Max.

You will learn:

  • Techniques on how to quickly sketch a gemstone , both loose & set mounted in jewelry
  • Pencil-based sketching skills

Time Table: Theory & Practical: 09:00 - 16:00 (Mon - Fri), Lunch Break: 12:00 pm - 13:00pm (Please note: Lunch will not be provided Exams One jewelry sketch and presentation)

Language: English (Applicants enrolling in AIGS courses are required to have good English communication or IELT test at least 5.5 score.)

Instrument for student: Course book (syllabus) , Stationery kit

Price: USD 700


Tag :

The body of Jewelry, jewelry design, drafting, jewelry sketching.



Post by Natlya at 30 Jul, 2014 17:00:36  
That course is look very interesting, and I very would like to attend, but why do you make schedules during gem show?
Reply by Anna at 30 Jul, 2014 17:06:27
Hi Natlya Thank you for your message. We are sorry, we set the schedule since June last year. We do not know that it will be during the fair. Respectfully yours
Post by Eva Meijer at 1 Jun, 2014 08:38:37  
Good morning, I did the countertop sketching course and thought it was very good, practical and useful. The teacher is wonderful; she explains clearly and gives a lot of personal attention. This course is useful for anyone who has no prior knowledge on jewelry design, would like to know how this process works and would like to be able to better communicate their wishes to a jewelry maker. After only ten days it is surprising what you can draw already! Kind regards, Eva Meijer
Reply by Marketing Team at 2 Jun, 2014 13:46:48
Thank you, Eva Meijer.