Atit Chiaranant A.G. as AIGS

My parents are in the gemstone business.  We are wholesaler and exporter of all kinds of color stones since the last 3 decades.   After my graduation from Yokohama Shoka Daigaku, I have worked with the Japanese importer company in textile for one year and then come back to Thailand.  Upon returning to Thailand I have been employed as an interpreter and assistant to the Japanese President in the pharmaceutical company for 6 months. 

After gaining some working experience in other field of business.  I thought I should go into our family business.  So I started to look for the best gemological school and have found out that AIGS is the best gemological institute in South East Asia.  So I enrolled with AIGS in May 2009 and finished the complete course of A.G. in February 2010. 

While studying at AIGS, I have met a number of good friends from both Thailand and abroad.  The theory course was not so difficult but the practical course was quite difficult.  Every day we need to go through all gemological instruments for checking several common and rare stones to identify the group and variety of each stone.  It was a very difficult and tired work but very interesting experience.  All teachers at AIGS are very professional in teaching.  Besides taking the class, AIGS teachers also took the students to the mine in Chantaburi and to Sri Lanka to see the mining and the trading.    All students had gained lots of the field trip experience.

Upon completion of AIGS course, I have joined our family business in the gemstone and found out that my knowledge taken from AIGS has helped me a lot in my work.  I am very proud to be a A.G. as AIGS is one of the best gemological schools in the world today.