Sirirat Sae-jiu A.G.

My experience at AIGS …

As seeing an opportunity to expand my family businesses in the gold and jewelry industry, I decided to attend the program of Accredited Gemologist Diploma at AIGS.

AIGS lecturers are full of field-experiences and enthusiasm in teaching and answering student’s questions. Not only the lecturers, but also AIGS staffs are friendly and willing to help and provide information about courses and gems. The syllabus of the AG course is up-to-dated and necessary in working in the real gems world. With a very large collection of common and unusual gemstones, as well as the latest treated and synthetics gems for students to be observed and identified in class and in laboratory, AIGS provides an ideal place to study about gems and gemology. Furthermore, a field trip to Sri Lanka with AIGS was a precious opportunity to experience a real marketplace of gemstones.

Graduating as an Accredited Gemologist from AIGS definitely gives me confidence in identifying, grading, appraising and working in the gem and jewelry businesses. What is more, both technical knowledge and practical skills gained from the AG program will unquestionably assist me in expanding my businesses.

I am highly recommended the AG diploma program of AIGS to those who would like to become a buyer, appraiser, retailer, or professional in the gems world.