Brian Smith Colored Stone Grading & Priceing

AIGS is a wonderful school with great teachers and an amazing stone collection for students to identify, grade and price.  

I studied with Mr.Jayesh, instructor, he is an incredible asset to the school.  The stories he brings from his lifetime of experience in the fine quality corundum trade and working with Indian royalty lend a special cachet to the school and education. The instructor brings decades of cumulative experience to the students and they really care about the students and student achievement.  I think the level of support that students receive in learning gem identification, synthetics and treatments and pricing information comes from a place of practical knowledge on the part of the instructors and this is incredibly valuable.The course materials are also quite good.

Beyond the instructors, I would have to say I was most impressed by the stones. When you are pricing a 4 carat $10,000 Sri Lankan sapphire, it's hard to believe that these stones are actually made available to students for practice

AIGS helped me bridge the gap between a broad base of knowledge about colored stones to confidence with synthetics and pricing.

I have friends in seven countries in Africa, whom I met at AIGS, and I'm excited to see the business through their eyes. This is one of the best parts of the experience.  Students come to AIGS from all over the world and their enthusiasm and diverse experiences enrich the student experience.

Brian Smith, G.G., A.G.