Mahbanoo Kakapour

AIGS School in Bangkok is where I first started my gem world experience!  

My plan was only Gem Idenfication course to have enough knowledge of gems as a jewelry designer. After few weeks I decided to finish the whole AG course.  

Not only are the teachers Knowledgeable and well - experienced but also very friendly and helpful. Of course the AIGS staffs are also very friendly and nice as I feel like you have another family here in Thailand!

Starting with gem Idenfication course, which I think was the hardest part of the program, checking stones each and everyday, frankly was quite difficult for me but finally and the end of the course I was so happy and satisfied for all I’d learnt. And I continued by Diamond grading course, synthetic and treatment course and color stone pricing and grading. All with great teachers, Mr. Surachart Panjathammawit , Mr. Pattarat Keang Termpaisit and Mr. Jayesh Patal.

I am very proud of studying at AIGS. As AIGS is one of the best gemological schools in the world today.

December 26, 2013