Stefania Martiniello

I’m a jewelry designer, and by the time. I was looking for good school of gemology to complete my education. I’m aware of your school on the internet, and during one of my trip to Thailand. I took the information and the course calendar. I have been studying to improve my English and I finally left. The experience at AIGS was perfect from all points of view good teachers, good teaching materials, a large collection of gemstone on which to practice, and last but not least, a stimulating and diverse international environment. All the staff are always helpful and available to assist students in everything they need. I felt pampered and accompanied by all, and for me that I was in Bangkok alone was crucial diving within the JTC proved to be the perfect choice, confortable and helpful throughout my stay courses are all perfect, the teacher speak a very good English, the teaching material is very well maintained and the laboratories are equipped and confortable. I only  can be happy with my experience and I thank all the people. I met during my amazing adventure.

Hope I can put in my work all that I have learned during the beautiful months spend at AIGS. What I heard is true, the AIGS is the best gemology school especially regarding color stone