Debbie Sutherland A.G. from Oman

After many months considering which Gemology School would be the best place for me to study, I chose to do the A.G. Program at AIGS.

My main interest is in coloured stones and the AIGS has a magnificent collection of coloured stones that I doubt any other Gemological Institute could match. I even came across a 10,000 usd Ruby in the Coloured Stone Grading & pricing class. (No, I wasn't allowed to keep it).

The Instructors have many years of experience, not just in teaching but in the gemstone business. What Jay Joseph and Jayesh Patel teach you goes far beyond the text books. The information and advice given on every aspect of the gem business is invaluable.

The Synthetic & Treated Gemstone class which is taught by Jayesh Patel has a collection of stones that attracts gemologists from all over the world. They come to Bangkok and the AIGS because they know this is the only place they will see such a collection of synthetic & treated stones that their Institute could not match. This again, was another confirmation that I had chosen the right place to study.

Gem Identification is also a very challenging class but if you have the passion for gemstones (I think everyone on this site has) and the determination, then you won't find a more dedicated Instructor than Jay Joseph to guide you every step of the way.

Jay Joseph and Jayesh Patel, thank you, thank you, thank you.