Tanawan Sri – Utharawong A.G. 2011

I have graduated from AIGS just recently; during my time here I have gained a lot of essential knowledge of various coloured stones including rock (i.e. lapis lazuli). I have been taught by skillful and professional teachers who have been in this field for many years. The reason I chose to study at AIGS because of its reputation and a bunch of helpful staffs.        

At AIGS I have been provided with a lot of instruments to help me to identify different gems. Moreover, I have been educated in the history as well as the origin of each gem. My family has been working in a jewelry business for a few generations which has been passing down from the first generation to the second generation and so on, and I would like to carry on my family business and wish to expand it to a bigger scale. I am planning of taking my jewelry business to other overseas countries. And I am hoping to gain a lot of experiences by working in this field and become an expert.

I would really recommend anyone who is interested in gemology to come and study at AIGS and you will think it is worth studying gemology here. Because at AIGS, the materials you use in class are all practical and you can apply everything you learned here in the real business. The atmosphere at AIGS is very amiable and all the teachers are very approachable. If you take the full course, you will be offered with a few trips such as a trip to Sri-Lanka and a trip to Chantaburi. Those trips will be valuable and memorable experience for you. Other schools won’t give you this opportunity of getting yourself in the real situation of gems trading. And for those who wish to attend classes at AIGS while you are at home you can also take distant learning course. You can virtually be anywhere in the world and still attend classes at AIGS.

Bangkok is one of the major markets for trading all kind of coloured stones, and Silom area where AIGS is located is one of the biggest places for all of gem traders to come and initiate their trading here.