Adnan A. Karim Geologist / Gemologist (A.G. ) Pakistan Gems & Jewellery Development Company

AIGS, no doubt, is one of the best schools of gemology in the world. It provides an excellent learning environment to the students who want to excel themselves in the profession of gemologist or work in the gemstone business.

The AG ‘Accredited Gemologist’ program offered by AIGS is a great opportunity to avail by the people who are already related to or want to start gemstone business on any level. The courses taught under this program cover all theoretical and practical aspects of gemology and gem trade realities. The textbooks provided by AIGS have been designed to cater all the requirements of theory, laboratory practice, and using instruments employed in analyzing a gemstone. Laboratories are well equipped for the students and the collection of stones in the labs is excellent for study and practice.

AIGS’ students learn all the testing methods adopted for gem identification; also they learn about all the treatment processes (old & new) being practiced for enhancement of particular gemstones. They learn the identification of a particular treatment performed on a gemstone, and the techniques of separating synthetics from their natural counterparts; also, the international standards for grading and pricing of diamonds and colored gemstones.

The instructors at AIGS are very much capable and skilled. They always show their enthusiasm for delivering knowledge to the students and sharing with them their personal experiences. The office staff members have always been helping to resolve the problems and certain issues of the students especially who are foreigners.

AIGS is located in the heart of gems and jewelry market (JTC, Silom Road) of Bangkok, so the students have easy access to the key trading areas where they can get to have the idea of prices and mainstream gemstones in the market of Bangkok. Regular visits of gem markets by the students can develop interest in them when they see more and more colored stones; also, they can find people of gem trade to develop business relationships with them.

Studying at AIGS was a great rather exciting experience for me. I was sent to AIGS for studying gemological sciences by Pakistan Gems & Jewellery Development Company. Before starting the studies, I knew very little about gemstones, their identification, and trade connections; but now, after completion of the four core courses of the AG program, I feel very confident seeing the stones and identifying them by using various gemological instruments and by visual observations in my Gem Lab. I achieved this level of confidence by practicing on an extensive collection of stones that AIGS has in its laboratory for students.

Now, when I buy the stones, I know how to select better quality gemstones for purchasing. I understand the parameters for analyzing the grade of a particular gemstone and the factors that can affect the price. During my studies at AIGS, I also learnt dealing with the people of trade which plays important part when making a good deal.

The field trips, organized by AIGS, to foreign countries which are rich in gem mineral deposits and important mining areas are very useful for understanding the mining processes, exploitation of gem minerals, and the wholesale markets near the productive areas.

Surely, making contacts with the professionals in the industry is like making profit, as well as expanding the business network. At the platform provided by AIGS, I have made many friends and new contacts with the people who are in the gem trade or working with different gem associations on international level. Also, I met with some people who are doing research in gemology and are attached with different institutions.

I am sure that AIGS graduates find the corridor to success in the field of gemological sciences or gem trade, and can rise with their skills and knowledge among the professional community of gemologists.