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Gemology School

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Gemology Lab

  • AIGS is going to Mogok!

    Join us!

    From 28th Nov to 2nd Dec 2018
  • 40 Years of Excellence
  • AIGS would like to say thanks
    to all of our guest speakers!

    Andrew Cody,
    Jeffery Bergman,
    Vincent Pardieu, and
    Ann Udomwongkul.

    You have inspired us to become better
    gemologists and better gem traders.

  • Lab Gemologist     Museum Curator      Wholesaler
    Designer     KICK-START YOUR CAREER   Researcher
    Bench Jeweler       Appraiser/Valuer    Retail Supervisor

  • The First Professional

    Gemological Institute

    in South East Asia

  • Providing you with the most important
          information regarding gemstone...

        and QUALITY GRADES